LIC# 1936

AMPED Audio and commercial A/V 

What we do:

-Commercial applications include

Structured Network cabling which provides a comprehensive telecommunications infrastructure.This includes phone lines,data lines,speakers lines and so much more.

-Fiber optic Cabling  for high speed data transmission.

-Conference Rooms set up

-​Ip phone system

-Paging Systems 

Custom TV Mounting

Many times, even in new construction, basic wiring for today's technology is not done. You may be surprised, but there are many builders out there still pre wiring houses with just a cable line above the fire place on the mantel and no HDMI cord. What does this mean for you? It means when you go to mount your new TV above the mantle, you have a mess of cords going from your TV, around your mantle and to your devices. If you find yourself in this situation, no worries! At AMPED Audio Video Security, our technicians are trained to remove mortar and bricks while safely adding HDMI Cords in wall to your devices. Giving you the look and feel you expect in your home.

Commercial Audio/Video