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Access Control
Interlogix Card Access Systems easily integrates into the modern world with no dedicated-server requirements to save on upfront cost. TruPortal offers user-friendly operation's for the everyday person not just the super techs.

Access control with an impressive set of advanced features. Truportal is an attractive option for facilities of every size. Whether you are looking to secure a small office building or a complex network of facilities requiring superior security management integration, Truportal is the versatile access control solution.
The Smart Way to Open New Doors
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Ideal for small to mid-size applications, TruPortal access control systems are easy to configure and simple to use. A Web-based application provides convenient mobile access and requires minimal investment when compared to other system out there.

Now featuring mobile capabilities to fit your business needs, TruPortal systems are enabling secure access via smart phones for easy-to-issue and easy-to-transfer credentialing.

     access control with Video integrating 

 Add video Integration to your access control system allows you more control of your business. This doesn’t have to be difficult, the Video Add-on Kits or software allows you to bring video functionality to  panel. This gives you the capability to view live video and record video . Video recording is triggered by access control events that you define, so continuous recording is not needed. It’s an easy and affordable way to integrate video to verify your access control alarms and events.

 Access Control panels with video is ideal for sites with one, two or three doors, and it’s scalable so you can add doors as your needs change. It offers a more advanced way to help you instantly confirm your access control events and alarms to help prevent losses.

You can view live video and retrieve and export stored video, and you can easily check in on your business anytime via any web browser,smart phone or tablet and because video is recorded only when events occur, you don’t need expensive storage. Scalable. Flexible. And now with video it’s even better.

Cardholder Reporting – Custom configure records to display in groups for fast, simultaneous viewing alphabetically, or by any other category you define, such as who has access rights to a door, time zone, etc.

Interlogix® access control solutions are easily scalable and integrate with existing infrastructure to meet changing needs.